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Each recycled bulk bag is checked upon arrival and inspected before delivery to ensure that customer requirements have been met before delivery. Those used bags arriving with liners have the liners removed resulting in a bag whose interior is like new.

Reconditioning may include any or all of the following as specified by our customers:

      • Cleaning: All used bags are checked for residue but the uses for recycled bags vary and so do acceptable bag conditions. Those bags requiring less labor to put back into circulation can be available at greater discounts
      • Adding tie / feed strings: Most bags require tie/feed strings to function. Customizing the length to meet a customer’s specifications can be conducted if requested
      • Adding or extending spouts: Customization of the fill and/or discharge spouts is also available upon request
      • Inserting liners: New liners can be inserted in some bags to help maintain product integrity
      • Laundering: Our washing machine can clean over 400 lbs of bags in one cycle