You have reached the home of the Toledo Bag Company, a distributor of bags and packaging supplies. These include new and recycled bulk bags,  flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) bags, burlap bags, sandbags, standard plastic bags and specialty bags.
Our services include the recycling of bulk bags through our process of reconditioning used bags for the purpose of extending the functionality of each bag and reducing the number of bags added to landfills annually. With a warehouse of over 45,000 square feet we are able to hold bags in storage and deliver on a “just in time” schedule to reduce our customers concerns of taking up space and maintaining an onsite inventory of bags.

31 x 38 x 68 Inch (in) Refurbished Bulk Bag
product_opt_235 x 35 x 48 Inch (in) Refurbished Bulk Bag
35 x 30 x 30 Inch (in) Refurbished Bulk Bag
product_opt_436 x 36 x 52 Inch (in) Refurbished Bulk Bag

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 35x30x30 SP/SP U-Panel 1200 No  No  $4.00
 42x42x46 SP/SP  U-Panel 2500 Yes  No $4.75

What does SWL mean?  &  What does 5:1 SF mean? 

Safe Working Load. A bulk bag’s safe working load is the amount of weight that the bag is rated and tested to hold safely.

A standard bulk bag is rated at a 5:1 Safety Ratio, which means that the bag is specified to hold 5 times the amount of the bags safe working load. A 5:1 Safety Ratio is for single use or single trip bags. Bags that are designed for multi-use or multi-trip bags, are made with an increased SF ratio. The SF for a multi-trip bag is 6:1.



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