Heavyweight Polypropylene Plastic Bulk Bags

Our products come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bags are inspected, cialis viagra 40mg
repaired, and cleaned based on customer requirements. Liners are available to be installed in the bags as determined by customer requests.

Lightweight Polyethylene Plastic Bags

Poly bags are made of 100% virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications.

Our Polyethylene Products Include:

      • Layflat bags
      • Gusseted bags
      • Reclosable bags in cases
      • Clear poly tubing
      • Pallet Top Covers
      • Bin Drum Liners
      • Furniture Bags
      • Mattress Bags
      • Pharmacy Bags
      • Trash Liners
      • Merchandise
      • Static Control Bags & Tubing
      • Packing List Envelopes & Mailers
      • Specialty Bags


Because there is very little hang up in the bulk bag productivity yields are higher compared to paper bags.

Bulk bags can be used multiple times in most industries compared to most paper bags.

It takes less than two minutes for one person to 2000 lbs. from a bulk bag compared to 30 minutes using paper bags.

Plastics have been estimated to have a lifespan of 400 to 1000 years before completely disintegrating. With bulk bags having a multiple use factor of 10 or more means that they can be diverted from landfills for a much longer period and because they retain a high scrap value they are often sought after for recycling.

As result of OSHA regulations many companies are required to use 50 lb. paper bags compared to the 100 lb. paper bag. In addition insurance companies have charged higher premiums due to increased back injuries resulting from lifting.


In order to accommodate our customers, we offer several payment options for our services. These include payment by credit card, payment by check, and payment through bank transfer. Of course, cash payments are also happily accepted. Our standard terms require payment upon receipt of the product. Adjustments to these terms are negotiable based on credit history.

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